Carmix Dealership

Due to high demand of Construction Production Equipment, PT. FNF Trans Niaga seeks the opportunity to be able to provide a solution for Indonesia’s Construction needs.

Therefore, we have been chosen by No. 1 in the world Concrete Machinery Manufacturer, CARMIX-Metalgallante from Venice-Italy to be their exclusive authorized dealer on sales, parts, aftersales in Indonesia on 2019.

  • PT. FNF Trans Niaga seeks to answer the need of reliable solution of service and equipment supply in development and maintenance of construction and transportation
  • PT. FNF Trans Niaga grows and thrives due to passion, patience, and persistence to wholeheartedly understand and serve our customer

FNF Trans Niaga

FNF Trans Niaga is a leading provider of products and services to ease your lifting requirements. We deliver products and services all over Indonesia. FNF Trans Niaga are the authorised dealers and service providers for worlds top brands such as Palfinger, Sany Palfinger,Palfinger Platforms.

Since 2015, FNF Trans Niaga has been a company committed to excellence. We work very closely with our Principal in understanding the industry and consistently raise the bar through innovative product design, integrated safety features, and continued dedication to total customer satisfaction.

The history, tradition and culture of FNF Trans Niaga are founded on our values:

FNF Trans Niaga promotes an environment built on teamwork where knowledge is shared and innovative solutions are the result. The expertise of our Team is as critical to our success as the effectiveness of our products and solutions. At FNF Trans Niaga, you can personally excel while making a difference to the company, our customers and communities.

  1. Reliable
  2. Inovative
  3. Sustainable

Vision & Mission of PT. FNF Trans Niaga


To be Trustworthy and long-term business partner on supply, support & services


1.Increasing our market share by providing added values to our customers by continuous improvement of our services

2.Maintaining the trust of customer by providing reliable and responsive support and services

3.Providing wide and complete variety of products with competitive price to meet the needs of ever growing customers.

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